April Deep Tissue Mechanics & Sports Course


This is a “Hands-on” course and is designed to give a therapist basic mechanics and techniques to perform deep tissue work, save energy and protect their body. The mechanics taught for the basic Swedish massage are not good for normal therapeutic work. When trying to apply more pressure than a Swedish massage the therapist needs different balance and positioning to best use the body’s weight and leverage to achieve additional pressure while actually using less energy than Swedish massage mechanics. These techniques also decrease the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, and cervio-brachial syndrome developing in the therapist over the years. To best learn this you will also be taught the compression massage used for sports massage. This massage can be used for pre/post event massage and can be used during your everyday practice as well.


Time and Place:

17000 El Camino Real
Suite 103E
Houston, TX 77058

Sunday April 30th
9am to 3pm

What To Bring To Class:

  • Sheets
  • Cream/Lotion