July Education Courses

Chair Massage

Sunday July 7th 9am to 3pm
$95 prepaid $105 at class

For this class we bring in 3 different types of Chairs. We do the Hands-On portion of the class both sitting in each type of Chair as well as doing the massage on each type of Chair. How would you know if you really prefer one, over the other, without practical knowledge? Since everyone can't run out and buy a new Chair we also teach you how to do a similar massage using your regular portable table. We believe the student should be able to use what they learn when they leave and not have to buy special equipment every time. During the introductory portion of the class we also cover marketing and sales to try and use this in your everyday practice.

Sports Massage: Fascial Restrictions & Cupping

Sunday July 14th 9am to 3pm
$95 Prepaid $105 at class



Sunday July 21st 9am to 3pm
$95 prepaid $105 at class

This is a Hands-On class in Reflexology. This associates Pressure Points on the foot relating to different parts of the body and allows us to give a massage on the feet that can promote wellness throughout the body. Sometimes when areas of the body cannot be worked on with physical therapy or massage and doctors have recommended reflexology to help with it. We teach a routine to encompass the whole foot and thereby help the promote well being throughout the whole body.


Medical & Sports Massage Certification: Module 6,Shoulders & Chest

Houston: Avalon School of Massage 2990 Richmond ste 200
You must call 832-240-4030 to register; Relaxation Retreat/Clear Lake.
Monday July 27th 9:30am-4:30pm
$105 prepaid $120 at class

Medical & Sports Massage Certification: Module 6,Shoulders & Chest

Clear Lake Location: Relaxation Retreat 17000 El Camino Real Suite 103E
Sunday July 28th from 9am to 3pm
$105 prepaid $120 at class