Kenneth Newby


LMT 15691, MTI MI0677, CEU Provider CE037

Kenneth's Career Highlights

Massage Therapy


Years Experience


Hours Working with Athletes including UTSA Trainers & Athletes, MLB, and NFL
MT Instructor


Years Experience


Years Working with dance companies including Houston Ballet Academy


Hands on Hours


Hours Backstage Experience


Years Working with Orthopedic, Cosmetic Surgeons, & Personal Trainers
  • Minimum of 23,000+ hands-on hours in massage therapy, Clinic, On-Site, Backstage, Corporate.
  • 3 years doing Post Surgical for a Cosmetic Surgeon
  • 15 years experience as a massage therapist at the monthly Arts Clinic of Personal Physician Group (Dr. Rebecca Clearman) working directly with an Orthopedic, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM & R) Doctors, and Physical Therapists on, student and professional, musicians, dancers & visual artists.
  • 3 years working with Tri-Athletes including a Team USA Member
  • Volunteer Massage Therapist with the Houston Ballet Academy/Houston Ballet II, including pre-class, backstage at performances, and summer workshops
  • 16 years working with dance companies including over 700 hours of backstage experience.
  • Worked with Dancers in the Houston Ballet, Theater Under the Stars, American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Memphis Ballet, Philidelphia Ballet, Carolina Ballet, Charlotte Ballet, Nevada Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Pittsburgh Ballet, Colorado Ballet, Ballet Phoenix, Oklahoma City Ballet, Tulsa Ballet, English National Ballet,, Monte Carlo Ballet, Dresden Germany Ballet, Oklahoma City Ballet, Orlando Ballet, Columbia, Members of the New York Rockettes. New York Metropolitan Opera & former members of the Bolshoi Ballet, Kirov Ballet. As well as several local Ballet Companies
  • Over 3000 hours working with injury, rehabilitation and clinical massage therapy with professional and student musicians.
  • Backstage with Theater Under the Stars Hobby Center: White Christmas, Annie, Best Little Whorehouse
  • Houston Grand Opera Backstage; Showboat
  • Worked 1 year with former American Ballet Theater Dancer George De La Pena.
  • Worked 2 years with Louis Fuentes, Dance Master, and former Joffrey Ballet Principle.
  • Ekaterina Chtchelkanova - Hunkyak (the Hungarian) from Chicago, former American Ballet Theater - Soloist, and Kirov Ballet – Soloist.
  • Testimonial from Andrea McArdle (original Annie, Belle/Beauty & the Beast, Sandy/Grease, Sallie/Cabaret), “I have had massages all over the world, you are the best I have ever had, and I will put that in writing.”
  • Backstage massage therapist, production; Illumination Foundation Aids Fundraiser at Hobby Center
  • Backstage massage therapist with Dorrell Martin’s Dance Fusion at the Hobby Center
  • Over 6000 hours working on dancers, including backstage, injury, rehab and clinical type massages.
  • Backstage for St. John’s High School Dance Concert; various companies from the Houston area.
  • Southwest Regional Dance Association Conventions, 5 years, workshops and performances for dance companies in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, & Oklahoma.
  • Massage Therapist for Drill Team Dancers; Clear Lake High School Flairs, Clear Creek High School Cavaliers, Friendswood Wranglerettes & Cheerleaders.
  • Clients (Musicians) in the Houston Symphony, Houston Ballet Orchestra, Houston Grand Opera Orchestra, Austin Symphony
  • Worked with a Team Member of the Team USA Triathletes.
  • Worked with a U.S. Tennis Association Trainer at an USTA event in Houston, including post surgical rehabilitation massage for his shoulder as well as his dads.
  • Work directly with Tennis Instructors for students attending local High Schools, including former students for the Friendswood High School Tennis Team, Basketball Team, and Track Team.
  • Houston Marathon volunteer massage therapist, including the pre-marathon runs in Oct., Nov., & Dec.
  • Houston Marathon runner added my massage to her training & reduced her best time in the event by 20 minutes.
  • Work directly with professionals & amateurs, pediatric to adult, as well as Orthopedics, PM&Rs, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Instructors.
  • Volunteer Massage Therapist, Juvenile Diabetes Walk.
  • Bluebonnet Bicycle Race, Hempstead.
  • Over 2000 hours on sports athletes, including on-site pre/post-event, injury, rehab & clinical massage therapy.
  • Volunteer Massage therapist with 94.5 FM (formerly Z107.5 FM) Morning Show Party Boat Cruise.
  • Houston Dance Theater, backstage, Nutcracker.
  • Houston International Ballet Academy; backstage performances.
  • 16 years as the Official Massage Therapist for the Bay Area Houston Ballet (formerly Clear Lake Metropolitan Ballet) with 12 seasons of backstage at performances, practice, demonstrations, student’s Orthopedic & PT appointments, plus several hundred hours of injury & rehab on the performers.
Ken Newby

Kenneth's Teaching Certifications

Completed Education

  • Advanced Anatomy
  • Advanced Hydrotherapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Body Treatments
  • Breast Massage
  • Cellulite Massage
  • Chair Massage
  • Clinical Massage
    • Body Balancing Techniques
    • Deep Tissue Techniques: Helping Migraines
    • Sports Techniques: Rotator Cuff & Carpal Tunnel
    • Sports Techniques: Injury and Dance Rehab
    • Sports Techniques: Stretching and Injury Prevention
    • Sports Techniques: Lower Back and Pelvis
    • Sports Techniques: Lower Body
    • Sports Techniques: Hands and Feet
  • Deep Tissue Mechanics
  • Hot Stone Massage
    • Body
    • Face
  • Infant Massage


  • Massage Therapy Laws & Rules
    • The Administrative Code
    • The Legislation
    • Ethics and Legality
  • Medical Massage
    • Medical Massage
    • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Myofascial Release
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Back & Pelvic
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Polarity Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Sports Massage
    • Rotator Cuff & Carpal Tunnel
    • Injury and Dance Rehab
    • Stretching and Injury Prevention
    • Neck, Shoulders, and Chest
    • Lower Back and Pelvic
    • Lower Body
    • Hands and Feet
  • Trigger Point Release
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Back
  • 750+ Classroom hours in Massage Therapy Training:
  • Basic 300 Hour Program
  • Acupressure for the Face
  • Advanced Body Care(Cellulite Wraps/Massage)
  • Aromatherapy & Day Spa
  • Aromatherapy, The Perfect Blend
  • Aromatherapy for Massage & Body Works: Unit 2
  • Basic Body Care(BodyTreatments)
  • Basic Skin Care (Face)
  • Chair Massage
  • Clinical Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Tissue/Trigger Point I, II
  • Hot Stone Massage, Body, Source Vital
  • Hot Stone Massage, Body, SCE
  • Hot Stone Massage for the Face
  • Infant Massage Instructor
  • Legal Ethical & Safe Practices of Massage
  • MYOFASCIAL Release I, II
  • Polarity Therapy I, II
  • Reflexology
  • Reflextherapy
  • Sea Stone Therapies
  • Shiatsu I, II
  • Soft Tissue Manipulation I, II, III
  • Sports Massage I, II, III
  • Trigger Point I, II
  • Trigger Point/Shoulder

Education (other than Massage)

Associates Degree – Suma Cum Laude, Alvin Community College

U.S. Navy Missile Technician/Submarines

Electrical Technician/Senior Technician/Testing Superintendent – 21 Years

Kennth's Professional Dancer Clients

Houston Ballet Academy Dancers

Current and Former

Amy Fote, Houston Ballet Principal
Leticia Oliveira-Coomer, Houston Ballet Principal, Texas Ballet Theatre Principal
Nicholas Leschke, Houston Ballet First Soloist
Kelly Myernick-Kubin, Houston Ballet Soloist
Conner Walsh, Houston Ballet Principal
Bridgette Zehr, Houston Ballet Soloist, National Ballet of Canada Principal, English National Ballet Principal
Jessica Collado, Houston Ballet Soloist
Oliver Halkowich; Houston Ballet Soloist
Carl Coomer, Houston Ballet Soloist
Carpenter/Coomer, Houston Ballet Corp
Chris Coomer, Houston Ballet Corp
Peter Franc, Houston Ballet Corp
Nao Kusuzaki, Houston Ballet Corp
Erin Patek, Houston Ballet Corp, Dresden Ballet Corp/Soloist, Monte Carlo Ballet Corp/Soloist
Cleopatra Williams, Houston Ballet Corp
Janie Parker, Houston Ballet Principal
Micheal Foster, Houston Ballet
Britain Werkheiser, Houston Ballet Soloist
Amanda Jarmin, Houston Ballet Corp
Jennifer Hamm, Houston Ballet Apprentice, Arizona Ballet Corp

Other Company Dancers

Current and Former

George De la Pena, American Ballet Theater Principal
Timour Bourtasenkov, Carolina Ballet Principal, Bolshoi Soloist
Alexander Iziliaev, Pennsylvania Ballet Principal, Bolshoi Soloist
Erkatrina Chtchelkanova - Hunkyak (the Hungarian) from the movie Chicago, American Ballet Theater Soloist, and Kirov Ballet Soloist.
Kelly Irvine-Farris, Texas Ballet Theater Corp, Houston Ballet Academy
Peter Zwefiel, Texas Ballet Theater Corp, Houston Ballet Academy
John Henry Reid, Colorado Ballet Corp, Houston Ballet Academy
Travis Bradley, Memphis Ballet Corp, Former Houston Ballet Apprentice
Nancy Elliot, Ballet Iowa Corp
Carredee Cline, Nevada Ballet Corp
Mira Kingsley, New York Metropolitan Opera (dancer)
Josh Crespo, Oklahoma City Ballet Corp
Sarah Crespo, Tulsa Ballet Corp, Oklahoma City Ballet
Lauren Frere, Sarasota Ballet, Columbia Classical Ballet Principal
Jessica Phillips, Ballet Phoenix
Natalie Nasar; Actress/Singer
Max Isaacson, Orlando Ballet Corp
Laura Henning, Rockettes, Cats
Allison Henning, Young Frankenstein,
Caitlin Cannon, Rockettes, Theater Under the Stars, Houston Grand Opera Dancer
Ellona Delac, Dancer Entertainer Disneyworld
Sara Chase; Owner Axis Dance, Choreogrpher Fusion Dance Company
Amber Thornton; Dancer Choreographer