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Massage Body Pillow and Face Cradle

For our female clients, we use the Body Cushion which allows more comfort while lying down, better relaxation, and easier access to the muscles.

We specialize in dance and sports therapy massage. Tennis players, golfers, runners, bicyclists, and dancers come to us for superior deep tissue therapy. We are also experienced in injury and rehab massage.

We have a wide selection of Source Vital Essential Oils in house and our therapists are trained in their uses. The use of essential oils in a massage can enhance relaxation, reduce stress, detoxify and much more. Add Aromatherapy to any massage service for a $5 fee.


1/2 Hour - $39 | 1 Hour - $59

Our relaxation massage is designed to get rid of trigger points (knots) as needed, but to relax the rest of the body. With this massage, we relieve minor aches and pains in specific locations.


Deep Tissue

1/2 Hour - $39 | 1 Hour - $59

A firm & deep massage designed to get deeper into the tissues to release toxins, lactic acid and trigger points (knots). Deep pressure does not have to be synonymous with pain. A good deep tissue massage should try to go as deep as needed while causing as little pain as possible.


1/2 Hour - $39 | 1 Hour - $59

A more muscle-specific massage for athletes and those with a highly active lifestyle. This massage is designed to assist in training and preparation for upcoming events, help in the prevention of injury and facilitate post-event recovery.


Aromatherapy Hot Stone

1 Hour - $75 | 90 Min. - $110

A soothing blend of aromatherapy oils and hot stones combine to release and relax the muscles while restoring the body's energy.


1/2 Hour - $40 | 1 Hour - $59

A massage using pressure points stretches and compression with hands and feet to balance and invigorate. This massage is performed with the client fully clothed and lying on the floor.



10 min - $10 | 20 min - $20

($1 each additional minute)
The client remains fully clothed while sitting in a chair designed to let the therapist concentrate on the back, neck, arms, head, and shoulders. This massage is the most popular way to bring massage into the office environment. Perfect for a quick fix.


1/2 Hour - $39 | 1 Hour - $59

This massage uses special cushions that allow our client to lie face down without putting pressure on her stomach and breasts. The therapist concentrates on the hips, back, neck and shoulders in a comfortable manner. This massage promotes circulation, relieves aches and pains, and promotes a sense of well being.



1/2 Hour - $45 | 45 min - $55

A massage of the hands and/or feet using pressure point manipulations. This is based on corresponding points in the hands and feet to stimulate other areas of the body.