December Education Courses

Sports Massage: Neck, Shoulders & Chest

Sunday December 2nd 9am to 3pm
$95 Prepaid $105 at class

This course will address the muscles relating to the age-old statement: "The tightness is in my neck and shoulders". This is a Hands-on class whose main scope is to teach mechanics, sports aspects, deep tissue, and energy saving techniques to address this area as a group. This is about addressing muscle specific problems and not just "more pressure". Proper sports & deep tissue techniques do not have to be painful.


Sports Massage: Lower Back & Pelvic

Sunday December 10th 9am to 3pm
$95 Prepaid $105 at class

This course is also a "Hands-on" class designed to address the muscle specific problems related to the lower back and pelvic, including Sciatica. Since this area is painful in many cases, it is more important to address the related problems with as little pain as possible.

Sports Massage: Lower Body

Sunday December 16th 9am to 3pm
$95 Prepaid $105 at class

This is a Hands-On Class for the lower body. Clients need massage therapists capable of dealing with the muscles that affect the hips, knees and ankles. For those whose clients think that the problem is in the neck & shoulders; we demonstrate how relieving muscle problems in the lower body, actually helps relieve neck & shoulder problems.



Sunday December 30th 9am to 3pm
$95 Prepaid $105 at class

This is a Hands-On class in Reflexology. This associates Pressure Points on the foot relating to different parts of the body and allows us to give a massage on the feet that can promote wellness throughout the body. Sometimes when areas of the body cannot be worked on with physical therapy or massage and doctors have recommended reflexology to help with it. We teach a routine to encompass the whole foot and thereby help the promote wellbeing throughout the whole body.